Friday, March 21, 2014


Devon and his classmates have spent the last couple months working on a project where they had to choose a famous person, then write a paper and do a speech about them.  The speeches were presented all day on Wednesday, with each of the other classes at school and parents coming at set times throughout the day. They called it Wax Museum and all the desk were facing out in a circle with the students standing on the inside of the circle, like they were made of wax.  Guests would press a paper "start button" on their desk, which would make the students start giving their speeches.  We went around the whole circle and listened to each kid's speech.  They all did such a great job!

Anyway, back to Devon.  He chose someone with crazy hair. And a crazy mustache. Who spent a lot of time thinking.

And who eventually got too hot and started shedding layers as the day progressed. And went from serious to smiling.

Albert Einstein.

If only we'd had him stick out his tongue in the last picture!
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