Friday, March 14, 2014


Every year I see posts from people on Facebook who celebrated March 14th (otherwise known as Pi Day, 3.14) by making sweet or savory pies for their family.  I'm a big fan of finding reasons to have dessert, but I never think of celebrating this particular day ahead of time and am never prepared.  A week or so ago, however, someone mentioned it was coming up and yesterday I asked the kids if they wanted to have pie. They said yes, of course. Then I called Tim to see what he thought of inviting other people over.  He was fine with it, so I posted on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to buy or bake a pie and join us for a pie potluck.

Last night I baked a colonial carrot pie.  I know that sounds weird to a lot of people, but it looks and tastes very much like a pumpkin pie.  We love it!  I also baked a graham cracker crust last night, then made creamy lemon filling, another one of our favorites, when I woke up this morning and tossed the pie in the oven.  However, the creamy lemon pie was a little different than usual.  Last night Silas suggested that I bake it in different pan. I complied.

This pie 'r squared.

This morning Silas decided to make a poster to take to our homeschooling group, which we were going to mid-morning. He tacked it to the wall during our meeting, then made a little announcement at the end to make sure people knew they were invited.

 (Yes, I'm aware of the spelling and time errors.)

We were going to have pie whether other people came over or not, but three other families showed up. Eighteen people (three dads, four moms, eleven kids) + four pies (mixed berry, carrot, creamy lemon, and banana cream) = a fun evening!

(Yes, there's a slice out of one.  It was left at home for a husband who couldn't make it, but understandably didn't want to miss out on  pie.)

I think we may have to make a Pi(e) Day Potluck tradition!
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