Monday, March 17, 2014


These are not particularly amazing ideas, but sometimes I get inspired by little things other people do around their homes (including one of the things in this post) and I figure someone else may be able to put one of these ideas to use.  

Drinking Jars - Each person only gets one cup each day around hour house and we used to go with a "dark cup for the dark boy, light cup for the light boy, different color for the girl" method of keeping track of kid cups.  Eventually the big boys started needing bigger cups and we added another person to the mix, so we needed a new plan.  

Tim and I use quart-sized jars for drinking, the big boys use pint-sized jars, and the two littlest Ws still use the same plastic cups we've been using for over eleven years or so (love those cups!). The problem was keeping track of which jar belonged to which W.  I was over at Faith's house a couple summer's ago and she had everyone mark their jar with a Sharpie.  Brilliant!  We've been doing the same thing at our house ever since.  I just initial four clean jars each morning and we're good to go.

Warnings - This old Ziploc box is now being used to hold bag clips, which I guess is an idea of its own.  The box fits nicely in the drawer with other bag boxes, foil, saran wrap, etc. and we just replace it as needed. However, the real reason I posted this picture is because of the words "last box" written all over the box.

One of the household things that drives me crazy the fastest is when people don't tell me they've pulled the last bottle/box/bag of something out of our stockpile and I don't discover we're completely out until I need the item.  One day I opened the drawer with bags in it and found that Tim had written "last box" all over this one.  Perfect!  He had just opened the box, so it was almost full and there was no rush to get a new one, but it was now on my radar that I needed to get more and he didn't have to worry about remembering to tell me when he saw me later in the day.

Bag Storage - We use old produce bags for various things and I used to keep all of them in one produce bag, but they always got in the way of other things and it bugged me. One day I started shoving them in cardboard tubes and now that drawer is tidy again!  You could use wrapping paper, paper towel, or toilet paper tubes, cutting them to the right size if you need to.

Wet Gloves - I don't like to run wet gloves through the dryer, but it can take a long time for the inside of all the fingers to dry out.  My solution is to put one of my cooling racks from the kitchen over a heater vent, fold the wrist part of the gloves back as far as I can, then spread the open part of the glove as wide as possible and set it on the rack. 

Do you do any of these things?  Have any random ideas of your own?
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