Saturday, November 24, 2012


Tracy, my nephew's mom, wrote to me earlier in the week to see if they could come visit this weekend.  Our schedule was clear, so they headed our way yesterday.  Our time was spent playing foosball, mastering the pogo stick, playing card games, eating pizza and cupcakes, beating personal records on the Bop-It and Bop-It XT, chatting about life, snuggling and playing with the littlest W, giving armpit massages, and reading books on the Kindle. 

Hunter rocked Teebs for a while.

Hunter and Devon spent quite a bit of time with the Bop-Its.  I was impressed with their ability to play them right next to each other without getting confused by the noise of the one they weren't playing.

Naomi got some quality snuggles with Aunt Tracy.

Hunter became a master pogo-sticker.  We took a few videos over the course of their visit so that we could post one, but I'm just going to share all three.  He was clearly a rookie on the first video.  By the second video he was bouncing more than 50 times before needing a break.  On the third video he was doing tricks. 

No family photo op would be complete without a pose with silly faces, so we set up the tripod and did a W-style picture before the visit was over. 

A quick, fun visit!

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